Our Glass

On this page you will find some examples of our work. As everything is individually made, no two will be exactly the same, however this should give you an idea of the type of work we are currently producing. If you like any in particular please contact us as we may still have it, or something similar. Alternatively, come and see us on one of our outings- have a look at the Events Page to see where we will be. 

Poppy field in oak.

As with a lot of our wood and glass pieces, the stand is made from the wood cut out from the centre of the "frame". 

Trio of colour, showing a variety of styles of fused glass in both the flame and sail shapes. 

Up to a metre tall, these pieces provide a striking display of colour!

Meadow in Oak. 

We produce a range of work in a variety of "framed" sizes, prices from £125.

Fused glass in oak and copper. We call this style, "Take the rough with the smooth", typically leaving the wood less "finished" to contrast with the smooth and glossy finish of the fused glass.