Where to find our works.....

Garden Sculptures at Cotswold Sculpture Park

We are pleased to say we now have all of our larger garden sculptures on display at the Cotswold Sculpture Park, and also on their website. You can only purchase these pieces via the park or their website. 

We will still carry out delivery and placement if required, the cost for this is seperate to the sculpture price - generally fuel cost, coffee and biscuits!! 

We will only be making a few larger garden sculptures in the future, all of these are currently available as explained above. 

Inside Works

We still have a range of indoor pieces and we are currently adding these to the Inside Works page. In addition to our previous work we are also currently creating some new works in different styles to what we have been making the last few years. These will be appearing as and when they are finished.  


Until further notice, we will not be taking commission work.