Our Work

Here you can view a selection of our work - some are sold  and shown as examples of what we do, some may still be available and will be priced (excludes delivery / courier costs which will vary, or you can collect). Please note that all pieces are individual: whilst we try to keep information up to date, sometimes there may be a delay in removing sold pieces.

If you require further information about our work or wish to purchase, please go to the contact page and give Sarah a call or send a message. 

Images of new pieces that are for sale will be here soon, just need to finish making them!!                                                                                                                        .

Pieces that can live outdoors

All of the pieces shown as garden or outdoor will be happy in our normal UK weather all year round. Most pieces are of sufficent weight to cope with fairly strong wind, but extremes may call for a little protection. Please remember they are glass so stones flying off lawnmowers etc, or other objects blown by wind will be possibly detrimental so pop a board or similar in front / behind to protect them! (We can re-make pieces but always hard to get exact match...)

All of these can happily live inside as well if that is where you would like them. 

Indoor only pieces

All of these are intended for display in an indoor environment and not be left outside in the UK weather. It is not the glass that will be unhappy but often the wood, especially recycled wood, as it may have splits or similar.

The glass is not mounted in a manner suitable for weather protection, and they are often too light to be able to withstand wind.

If you require a similar piece for outside, please discuss your requirements as it may be possible,