I am Sold

Who are we?

We are Sarah and Nigel Wight. We have a shared affinity for working with glass, wood and metal. Our passion for colour and texture, our mix of styles and skills lead to some glorious contemporary collaborations.

Sarah is a designer and maker of beautiful things. She loves to explore pattern, shape, texture and form, taking much inspiration from the natural world. She expresses her sometimes quirky, sometimes slightly eccentric, view of the world in her art work.

Nigel has a talent for seeing the potential in reclaimed objects. His technical background means he can work artistic miracles with wood, metal, glass, leather (and just about anything else you give him!) to create amazing and beautiful stand alone objects. Just occasionally his abstract side has to be reined in (or at least not let loose in the wild!)

Where possible the wood and metal work we use is left over, reclaimed, recycled, salvaged, bought from reclamation yards, old factories, wood recycling projects and anywhere else and anyone else that has something that sparks our interest! We do obtain wood from mills so that we can have a consistent source of materials, but this is always fully certified and local. It all fits with our personal ethics of reducing waste by re-using resources which have no further use elsewhere.

We do not mass produce our work, preferring to create individual pieces wherever possible. We may produce collections along a theme, but each individual piece explores different aspects of whatever inspired us!

Where do we work?

We live and work from our home studio and workshops in Somerset, creating one-off fused and leaded glass sculptures, mostly set in reclaimed cast iron and wood. We do all the work ourselves - glass, metal and wood working, so we only produce a modest number of pieces a year. 

In the Inside and Outside pieces for sale pages you will find a selection of our work. Some are sold and shown as examples of what we do, some may still be available as you will see when you visit the page.

Should you see a sold piece you like, we may have a similar piece, please call us or come and see us at a show for the full experience.

I am Sold